Support Bottled Water

The government of Ontario has recently announced a series of new regulations for the bottled  water industry, measures that will not only affect the more than 2,000 people the industry employs, but could also impact you.

In a recent survey by Forum Research, Ontarians said they choose bottled water as a convenient, healthy alternative to sugar- or alcohol-based beverages. Yet the government’s new regulations - which include an unjustified and arbitrary fee increase of 13,500% - apply only to the bottled water industry, while companies that add sugar, food colouring or alcohol to their water products are exempt. This could not only jeopardize our ability to do business in the province, but some journalists have suggested it may cause the price of bottled water in Ontario to rise.

The Ontario government says they're looking out for Ontarians, but why would they impose what amounts to a tax on bottled water while the producers of less-healthy products get off scot-free?

We encourage you to learn more about this issue and are calling on you to send a letter to the provincial government reminding them that you expect your government to act with the best of ALL Ontarians in mind.

To send a letter, simply type your name, email and postal code into the fields below and click send.